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Wireless Vs Wired Security Systems On The Sunshine Coast

For Sunshine Coast homeowners, home security is always on the mind. You’re passionate about your home and family’s safety, so you want to choose the right system to keep your property secure.

Choosing between a wired and wireless system can seem like a difficult choice at first. Is your internet powerful enough to support a wireless system? Will installing a wired variety be too time-consuming?

Don’t worry—you’ll find all the answers you need in this quick guide.

Let’s start by talking about the distinct features and benefits of wired and wireless systems.

Wired vs. Wireless Security Systems: Key Differences

Wireless security systems are the most popular option for home security on today’s market. They run on battery power, allowing you to install them anywhere in or around your home without needing to worry about connecting wires and cables.

You can place wireless cameras at different locations around the home, and they’ll all feed into a central hub, sending signals to a remote location.

You can install most wireless security systems independently using the kit and instruction set included with the Wired security systems are the oldest type of security system. They provide protection to homes and businesses by detecting intruders, warning the owners, and if necessary, alerting authorities. Most commercial businesses still use wired systems thanks to their durability.

Most wired systems work thanks to an alarm wire that connects sensors or other devices to a control panel or keypad, alerting homeowners to intrusions or unexpected movement.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wired Systems

While wired systems are no longer the most popular choice for Sunshine Coast homeowners, they still offer their fair share of advantages. Some households will benefit significantly from choosing a wired system over a wireless alternative.

Advantages of Wired Systems:

  • Wired systems are cheaper than wireless systems
  • Wired systems have more reliable communication signals
  • The sensors are less likely to get triggered by pets or other environmental factors
  • Wired systems usually don’t connect to the internet, making them less susceptible to hacking and interception

Disadvantages of Wired Systems:

  • Wires (when exposed) could potentially be manipulated and cut by burglars in order to disable the system and provide easier access to the property,
  • Wired systems need installation and expensive tools in order to work properly,
  • Most homeowners will need to hire a professional to help install a wired alarm system.

In general, wired security systems are a better choice for homeowners who require extra durability and longevity—since many (especially cheaper) wireless systems are more susceptible to dropouts and breakage.

You’ll also want to choose a wired system if you live in an area without reliable internet access.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Systems

Wireless security systems provide a more convenient and efficient way for homeowners to secure themselves. They can control the whole system from their smart device. The advantages of wireless security systems are their convenience, efficiency, and low maintenance costs, while the disadvantages lie in the risk of hacking and the greater possibility of break-ins.

Wireless systems provide a more convenient—and often more affordable—option for homeowners who want a quick, simple, and reliable way to keep their homes and belongings secure.

Advantages of Wireless Systems:

  • Wireless systems have lower maintenance costs
  • Wireless systems offer quick remote access
  • You can easily install wireless systems anywhere in or around the home

Disadvantages of Wireless Systems:

  • Are less durable than wired varieties
  • Pose a risk of false alarms
  • Rely on an uninterrupted power supply
  • Are less resistant to harsh weather conditions

Get Serious About Safety Today

Now you understand the difference between wired and wireless security systems, you can make a better choice for your home and family. To get started with your installation—or if you still need advice—get in touch with the Ralph Ottoman Electrical team today. We’re proud to help our valued customers on the Sunshine Coast.

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