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Electrical Services Sunshine Coast

Electrical Services Sunshine Coast

At Ralph Ottmann Electrical we provide high quality and affordable electrical services and advice to residential customers and businesses anywhere the Sunshine Coast.

Efficiency, professionalism and excellence are the foundations of our customer service. We strive to trouble-shoot and resolve your problems on our first visit.

Our Electrician Services Include:

With over 30 years electrical industry experience, both hands on and managing a team of qualified electricians, Ralph Ottmann knows his stuff and won't compromise on quality.

All our work is guaranteed because we believe there is only one way to deliver in our industry, and that's to the highest possible standard of safety. Our safety is on the line as well as yours! Poor standards are not an option at Ralph Ottmann Electrical.

We offer obligation-free quotes, sound, and honest advice, and cost-effective solutions.

Your house or business will be left clean and tidy and the job will be done right the first time at the right price.

Looking for dependable electrical services on the Sunshine Coast? The team at Ralph Ottman Electrical have decades of experience carrying out a full range of electrical work, including residential and commercial services.

We’ve got the skills and know-how to deliver impressive electrical services and no job is too big or too small. You’ll be impressed by our quality workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Unsure what services you need? Get in touch for our reliable advice.

Light bulbs installed in a commercial setting on the Sunshine Coast

Data Cabling

We provide data cabling solutions for both residential and commercial sites. Our data cabling work ensures that your cables are safely installed and give you the convenience you need, whether at home or in the office.

We listen to your requirements and develop custom solutions that meet your needs. We’re fully qualified to work with a range of types of cabling and can help you throughout the process, from planning your installation to actually laying the cable down.

Security Systems

Whether at home or at a commercial site, security is vital. We specialise in electrical security systems, including CCTV networks, intercom systems, and security cameras.

For both residential and commercial customers, we’ll design a customised solution that meets your security standards.

We can build a system using a variety of security measures to give you the level of protection you need. From simple home security setups to more sophisticated systems at commercial premises, our systems help to keep your space safe and secure.

Smoke Alarms

Whether it’s a residential or commercial building, smoke alarms and fire protection systems are vital safety tools. In Australia, there’s legislation around the placement of smoke alarms at home and it’s important to comply.

We can help landlords and homeowners to comply with the regulations with careful smoke alarm installations. We’re highly experienced in this area and can assess your needs and determine the right installation options for you.

Safety Switches

You don’t want to take any chances with electrical safety and safety switches are a valuable way to protect people. Safety switches turn off the power supply instantly if there’s a hazardous electrical fault and this protects against electrocution and shocks.

We can install safety switches on light and power circuits as part of our range of electrical services Sunshine Coast-wide. With us, you have the confidence that your safety switch is correctly installed and will work properly to protect you in an emergency.

Residential Services

We provide a comprehensive range of residential electrical services on the Sunshine Coast. We’re equipped to carry out a full range of domestic electrical jobs, from simple tasks like changing lights to significant work like data cabling or rewiring the entire property.

Whatever your needs are, we take on every residential job with care and attention to detail, causing the minimum of disruption to your home and family.

Our professional team arrives on time and clears up any mess before they leave so your electrical work is as stress-free as possible.

Commercial Services

At Ralph Ottman Electrical we also specialise in commercial electrical services.

We understand the unique requirements of commercial sites and offer expert electrical installations and maintenance that meet the needs of your business. We know you want to keep downtime to a minimum so we plan our work accordingly to limit the inconvenience to your team.

Our commercial services range from minor jobs and ongoing maintenance to total office rewires and new electrical installations.

A new dining room electrical installation on the Sunshine Coast


What type of electrical work do you carry out?

In addition to electrical system installations and maintenance on the Sunshine Coast, we also offer inspections and testing.

This includes everything from the addition of more plug sockets and lights to complete rewiring and new construction work. We're happy to take on larger contracts and have the capacity for this.

We also offer regular maintenance services for both homes and businesses. Our testing and evaluation services include fixed wire testing of the electrics inside your premises, as well as the inspection and testing of electrical appliances.

Do you provide free estimates or quotes for your services?

For the most part, yes. This may be supplied verbally when you phone us, or it can be provided in writing, but we may need to visit your premises depending on the sort of work that is required.

On some occasions, based on your location and the nature of the task at hand, we may charge a small fee for providing a quote. If this is the case, you will be advised by our team when you contact us to arrange your appointment.

What's the difference between an electrical contractor and a certified electrician

A certified electrician is someone who has completed the requisite training and obtained the relevant certificates to perform tasks such as testing and repairing electrical systems, installing and connecting sockets, and so on.

An electrical contractor, on the other hand, is usually a business that employs these electricians and is also fully insured and licensed.

How quickly are you able to arrive at a job site?

For emergencies, a member of our team will discuss your needs with you and, depending on the severity of the problem, will organise an expert electrician to arrive as soon as possible.

We make every effort to provide exact time frames, and while we are almost always on time, there can sometimes be a delay. However, if this is the case, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Should I carry out electrical repairs on my own?

When electrical problems arise in the home, many homeowners are tempted to try and resolve them on their own.

But the majority of homeowners – regardless of how adept they are at doing their own home maintenance and repairs – are not qualified to complete electrical work.

Remember, to become a licenced electrician, qualified electricians must undergo extensive education and training. It is extremely dangerous to attempt to complete electrical work yourself. This is not recommended.

When will my house need rewiring?

When it comes to rewiring a house, there are no hard and fast rules to follow. Many variables, such as the wiring materials used, may have an impact on the condition of your electrical infrastructure.

However, one of the biggest tell-tale signs that you need your house rewiring is you have an old fashioned-style fuse box rather than a modern consumer unit. As a rule of thumb, rewiring should take place every 25-30 years.

Not sure if you need rewiring? Contact our expert electricians on the Sunshine Coast today to organise an inspection.

Owner-occupied properties should have an inspection performed at least once every ten years, and rental properties should have a periodic inspection performed every five years.

This test will confirm whether or not the electrical wiring in a property is safe, and it will also inform you of any repairs that are required to keep your home safe.

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Customers on the Sunshine Coast depend on our extensive range of commercial and residential electrical services. To find out more or make a booking please contact the team.

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Ralph Ottmann Electrical have been in the industry a long time and we are proud of the quality services we offer - from Pomona in the north throughout all areas of the Sunshine Coast and down to Brisbane. Look for our distinctive vans.


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