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Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

If you are one of the many people who suffer from poor mobile signal we can offer several solutions to assist depending on your budget and your needs.

If you find yourself frustrated with the quality of your mobile signal, you should consider a mobile signal booster. This device increases your signal to provide you with more reliability when you need to use your phone for a call, to send a text or use an app.

Mobile Sign BoosterMobile Signal Repeaters & Boosters

Our range of Cel-Fi Mobile Signal Repeaters are signal boosters that will enhance the mobile signal within your home, office or commercial building. There are booster models for all the major signal providers.

What is a Smart Repeater?

The Cel-Fi Mobile Smart Repeater is a convenient solution to poor indoor phone coverage. Installing this device in your home can improve the reliability of phone calls, text messages, and increase 3G mobile broadband signal.

For areas with poor outdoor coverage this model has an external antenna connector to allow the connection of an external antenna.

To achieve this the smart antenna system comprises of two units:

The Window Unit

This is the primary receiver and transmitter - it simply receives and transmits at the power of a normal mobile phone, no amplification at all. This means those in low signal areas will still need to connect it to an external antenna. It then communicates this signal by wi-fi to the Coverage unit.

The Coverage Unit

When placed within the house or office where signal is weakest, this unit will receive the mobile phone signal from the Window Unit and rebroadcast it at full strength throughout the building. This special two step system allows the mobile phones to pick up and transmit the signal at full strength, without the system actually broadcasting any louder to the outside world - ie. without jamming your neighbours or overloading the mobile tower.

They are 100% legal for use in Australia, as well as being Telstra, Optus and Vodafone approved.

Why do I need to connect an external antenna?

Smart Repeaters transmit and receive at the same strength as a normal mobile phone.

If the repeater is receiving a poor quality signal then it will transmit that poor quality signal louder throughout the building.

Connecting an external aerial is a quick way to dramatically improve signal levels, allowing the repeater to boost call quality, mobile broadband speed, and reduce 3G drop-outs.

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