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Why would I need to have my home rewired

house electrical rewiring

The importance of having your home rewired if faulty wiring is suspect should never be underestimated. If your home is more than 60 years old you should definitely consider having your wiring inspected.

Old, outdated wiring or wiring which has deteriorated can be extremely dangerous.

Aside from the potential hazards of fire or electrocution, old wiring or fuse boxes may cause significant power fluctuations. Such fluctuations can damage modern electronic equipment such as tv's or computers. Is the expense worth it?

Why you need to consider rewiring

The danger of old wiring is that it is hidden away in your roof, walls or under the floor where it can't be easily seen.

While the original materials and techniques used when your house was wired originally were considered the best at that time, many are now dangerously outdated.

Older homes may contain rubber or even cloth wrapped cables or metal conduits. These present a clear risk of fire or electrocution.

Rewiring work must only be attempted by a professional!

Signs you may need your home rewired

One of the more obvious signs is an old fuse box with porcelain fuses. These should be replaced with modern circuit-breaker style switchboards to reduce the risk of fire and electrocution.

Not only are these switchboards safer, they make it far simpler to restore power when a fuse is tripped. Forget hunting around in the dark for the right kind of fuse wire and a screwdriver – just a simple flick of a switch to get the power back on.

All electrical panels should be neat and tidy.

If an older house still has old-style fuses, they are safe provided they have the correct size and type of fuse. Be aware that existing terminals may be loose which can create a hotspot causing the fuses to burn and start a fire. Consider having them replaced.

Beware of older style circuit breakers; ideally they should be replaced with new combined Circuit Breakers-Safety Switches. Existing circuit breakers should be clearly labelled.

Power Points

Do you have enough power points? Older homes may have been built in an era when we didn’t have as many appliances as we do now.

The last thing you want is for piggy-back power boards and extension cords everywhere looking ugly and causing possible trip hazards.

Other house rewiring issues

If you find that your fuses are blowing frequently, or that light bulbs don’t last as long as they should, then there is a good possibility that your wiring is sub-standard and needs replacing.

If you see any cabling that is coated in black rubber, or wrapped in cloth you should call us to arrange an inspection as these present a serious risk. Metal conduits with cabling inside are the most dangerous of all. If you see these, do not go near them and call us immediately for advice.

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