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What To Look For In A Commercial Security System

Give yourself and your business peace of mind with a quality commercial security system. With a security system, you'll have the confidence that you'll be keeping yourself and your staff safe while also protecting your property, data, and assets.

Many businesses put off installing security systems because of the work and cost involved, but research has proved that businesses with an effective security system in place actually experience fewer instances of theft and vandalism.

At Ralph Ottmann Electrical, we know the safety of your business and staff is of paramount importance, and that’s why we offer the highest-quality commercial security systems to businesses throughout the Sunshine Coast. But what qualities should you look for when choosing a security system for your business?


If your business area requires surveillance, we recommend investing in digital CCTV cameras. These cameras provide 24/7 footage transmitted through a monitor network, making them a great addition to your security system.

And there's no need to worry about surveillance overnight or in low-light settings; our CCTV cameras are designed to record quality video even when visibility is poor. Once you select your cameras from Ralph Ottmann Electrical, our expert electricians will oversee the entire installation process.

We'll ensure your camera is not obstructed, sits at the correct angle, covers all entry and exit points and other areas of higher risk, and is in a tamper-proof place.

Power System Backups

In the event of a power failure, your business is at greater risk of harm if the security system goes offline. A power system backup, either through a generator or solar power, can ensure your system stays on even if the power doesn’t.

Our friendly, expert team can discuss your options to assess what backup system would be right for you and your business.

Access Control

Unfortunately, some businesses experience theft not from an outside intruder, but from their own employees. Our team at Ralph Ottmann Electrical understands the reasons why you may want to place limits on or control the staff with access to your commercial building.

With access control, you can easily monitor the movement of authorised personnel in and out of the building to detect potential theft.

Alarms And Sensors

Quality commercial security systems include alarms and sensors, which alert authorities in the event of a break-in. Alarm and sensor systems have come a long way, with more advanced options including the options to dial a phone number, silently alert the police, call an operator or sound a siren.

Door contact sensors can let you know if a door opens or if it’s been left ajar. Our team will explore the options available to find the perfect solution for your needs.


An intercom serves as a two-way communications device and includes audio and video. They’re highly effective in a crisis, especially if you need to alert others in your building to emergencies.

Speak with our team to assess whether an intercom would be right for you and your business.

Choose Ralph Ottmann Electrical For All Your Security Needs

Since 2010, Ralph Ottmann Electrical has provided quality electrical services to residences and businesses throughout the Sunshine Coast.

With years of electrical experience, you can put your trust in Ralph and his team. We have extensive knowledge of technology, products, and standards, and pride ourselves on our proven track record of excellent and efficient service, honest reliability, and repeat, satisfied customers.

You can’t go wrong choosing Ralph Ottmann Electrical for your next security system installation.

Contact us today on 0458 999 017 for an obligation-free consultation.

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