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Security for Your Home and Business Against Intruders

Home Security

Australians are increasingly worried by the threat of home or business intrusion/burglary and the subsequent emotional and financial impact of a break-in.

  • In 2017 there were 225,900 recorded burglaries in Australia or one every 3 minutes
  • 20.3% of Australian homes have been burgled at some point
  • Queensland saw 16.4% of all burglaries,  2.2% of Queensland households had an attempted break-in, with a total of 40,700 incidents reported to local authorities.
  • It takes 75% of burglars less than 5 minutes to enter a property.

Business Security

Queensland Police cite on their website: "To make your business more secure and less attractive to criminal activity, consider the following:

Security Lighting

External night lighting will enable police, security guards or passing people to monitor activities within the premises. A limited amount of internal lighting should also be left on at night.  Also, consider installing sensor lighting which is cost effective as it only activates when movement is detected within the zone.

Surveillance Equipment

When installing surveillance equipment:

  • Cameras should be strategically installed inside or outside the premises to monitor these areas
  • Cameras should monitor the cashier area, areas with expensive merchandise and areas with poor supervision
  • Television monitors should enable staff to monitor activities on the camera
  • Recording equipment should also be used
  • VCR equipment should be secured in a locked metal cabinet away from the main console area to restrict tampering or theft of equipment
  • At least 10 videotapes should be used to cycle through a seven day period (three tapes being used to replace damaged tapes or those used for evidence purposes)
  • These videotapes also need to be replaced with new tapes every three months to ensure maximum quality reproduction."

Successful Security Deterrents

One of the first thing intruders check is a lack of security measures around the property. “Having false or poorly implemented security systems that could be easily disarmed were not counted as a successful deterrent.”  This property risk factor was only second to owners leaving doors and windows open!

The most successful deterrents to would be burglars– other than a barking dog, were:

  • A working alarm system - 49.1%
  • Sensor lights on the outside of the property - 22.8%.

So it is important to be proactive to protect your family, home property and/or business with a professionally installed security system, installed by Ralph Ottmann Electrical, your local Sunshine Coast Licensed Security System Installer Specialist.

With over 10 years experience in both commercial and residential security cameras and system installations, have peace of mind that your loved ones and valued possessions are protected with a system installed by Ralph Ottmann Electrical.

Whether you are upgrading an older security system or installing a new one, we pride ourselves on supplying the most suitable system for your requirements at the most cost-effective price.  Remember living near the sea, systems do require ongoing maintenance to operate at peak efficiency.

Ralph Ottmann Electrical guarantee all our workmanship and we only use quality products to make sure you are protected at the time when you need it most.  Our team of highly trained technicians are experts in providing sound and trustworthy advice on residential and commercial security cameras and systems as well as keeping up to date with the latest technology.

Security System Benefits

There are many benefits for homeowners and business owners when they decide to install a security system.

Some of the benefits of using the most up to date cameras, equipment and technology are crystal clear images which can be viewed wherever you have internet access - computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.  Being able to have a visual on what's happening when your security cameras and system is activated can help with police response times and catching offenders.

Some reasons our clients install a security system:

  • Protection against intruders seeking to steal or destroy property or possibly cause harm
  • Ability to keep an eye on things remotely
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Government or industry requirement
  • Keeping a tab on customer movements around retail shops
  • Keeping a tab on staff movement.

Analysis of your Home and Business Security Needs

Knowing your security system objectives will ensure the best security system solution can be reached.  We will discuss with you what you hope to achieve, assess your location/coverage requirements and formulate a security solution based on your budget.

Some factors affecting CCTV type selection are light levels, locations or rooms to be covered, external and internal coverage and angles and distance from camera location.

For advice you can trust, call Ralph at Ralph Ottmann Electrical on 0458 999 017 to discuss your security system requirements for your home or business.

Our Recommended Preferred Products are selected based on quality, reliability, and functionality.

  • HiKVision
  • Ness Security Corporation
  • Bosch Security and Safety Systems Australia & NZ
  • Hills
  • Dahua

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